Finding inspiration for creating a sense of place in my novels

Excellent piece on observation, think I will have to follow your example Ellie, next time I’m out for a walk.

Ellie Gray

What a beautiful, sunny Spring day it was yesterday. Even so, when my partner, David, suggested driving up into the Wolds for a walk, I have to admit to being a little unenthusiastic. Having been suffering with a heavy cold all week, I was looking forward to spending Good Friday lazing in the conservatory. However, I agreed to go and, despite spending a good deal of the journey sitting in stationary traffic (the 30 minute car journey took an hour and a half), it really was well worth the effort.

It was as we were walking through the woods that I found my thoughts turning to how we, as writers, Middleton Woods 25 April 16_12ensure our books have a real sense of place. I thought about the books I really enjoy reading, and what it is about them that makes them come alive. Certainly, it is about characters that we connect with, and about…

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